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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Improve your aim, alignment, squaring the putter face at impact and create great rhythm
NORCROSS, Ga. - Solid Golf, LLC has invented THE KURE, Your Total Putting Solution, a breakthrough, lightweight, portable training device that provides the four basic fundamental of putting while training golfers to make straight and consistent putts.

Practice isn't practice unless the player is practicing properly. THE KURE identifies and allows golfers to correct any flaws in the four fundamentals. THE KURE trains golfers how to make straight putts and breaking putts begin to fall with regularity dropping up to six strokes a round.

Most top instructors agree that even on big sweeping putts, a golfer must pick a spot on the green, align the putter properly, aim at the spot and stroke the ball. After 11 years of research,

THE KURE confirms that fact. THE KURE trains golfers to get to the spot by squaring the putter face to the target line at impact. This is one of the hardest putting principles to master, but THE KURE makes it become easy and natural.

THE KURE is endorsed by six-time PGA Major Champion and CBS golf analyst, Nick Faldo who is also the spokesperson in an infomercial for THE KURE currently airing on The Golf Channel throughout the month of May.

"THE KURE uses 21st century technology to literally train your brain to perfect the four key fundamentals to great putting; aim, alignment, returning the putter face to square at impact and a great rhythm," said Faldo. "Using THE KURE for just seven minutes, you will learn what proper aim, alignment, squaring the putter face and a rhythmic stroke actually look and feel like. THE KURE is the only training aid that addresses all four key elements to great putting and provides you with instant feedback on all of them."

THE KURE works on any style of putter, indoors or out and helps golfers of all ages and skill levels. Using Solid Golf's patented Active Telemetry Technology™ on the transmitter and the receiver, THE KURE's internal computers provide visual feedback to confirm when your putting stroke is correct. Once learned, this information can be recalled and repeated effortlessly, time and time again -- leading to more holed putts, lower golf scores and ultimately, more fun playing the game.

"One of the things that I find common with all good putters is their ability to aim the putter correctly said Mike Shannon, PGA Teaching Professional and Putting Instructor at Sea Island Golf Learning Center and Putting Instructor to 20 Top Golfers in the World. "The aim of the putter is the cornerstone of a good putting game. If a player can't aim the putter, then it doesn't matter how good the stroke is there's a good chance that the putt is going to miss. After using THE KURE for just two strokes I knew that it was the best putting aid I'd seen, and I knew immediately it was the product to help improve the putting of every one of my students."

A key feature of THE KURE is the ability to change the aperture settings based on the skill level of the player. As the golfer's skill improves, he/she can adjust the aperture setting from beginner to amateur and then to professional. At beginner level, the beam that is transmitted into the receiver is wider and easier. As the golfer's skill progresses, the aperture can be closed and the beam becomes more narrow and difficult.

THE KURE retails for $199 and comes complete with transmitter, receiver, instruction manual, hard shell traveling case and a bonus instructional DVD featuring Sir Nick Faldo and Mike Shannon. For more information or to order, call at 888-952-PUTT or visit them online at

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Golf News, Source, (RALEIGH, NC) -- To solve the aggravating problem of top-heavy golf bags falling over and damaging the bag, clubs, and anything else in its path, The Other Edge, Inc., a product design studio in Raleigh, will its first self-generated product, the Hold-N-One(r) golf bag holder, during the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show to be held in Orlando, Florida, January 25-27.

According to designer and avid golfer Donald Corey, 90 percent of the weight of golf bags is located above the center of gravity, which is why they tend to fall over so easily.

"After I'd bent my brand-new driver because my bag fell over and the club ended up under my car, I had a mission," he said. He had long given up on space-hogging tri-pod bags, which he'd tripped over too many times. "And I was tired of propping my bag in a corner behind the lawn mower just to keep it upright."

After scouring the market for a simple, inexpensive solution, he realized there simply wasn't one. So he set about designing his own. That solution became the Hold-N-One(r), which is a wall-mounted device that attaches to the mouth of the bag through a spring-action motion to keep the bag firmly upright. (Screws and anchors are included in the packaging.)

"We're certain this product will appeal to both women and men," Corey said, "because it not only saves space but also the money you have to spend on new clubs and bags when they're ruined. Besides, golfers hate tripping -- or worse, driving -- over their clubs!"

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