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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The United States Golf Association has added the 2010-2011 editions of “The Rules of Golf,” “Decisions on The Rules of Golf” and “Rules of Amateur Status” as an application for iPhone and iPod touch users. However, unlike its fellow non-for profit entity, the PGA Tour, the USGA has elected to charge a one-time fee for the application of $3.99. ?

The Rules of Golf App is designed to provide instant access to the official Rules and Decisions. The application features navigation and a convenient word and phrase search functions intended to lead to questions answered quickly about every Rule, Definition and Decision. The new technology is the only Rules application approved by the USGA.

“Having an interactive smart phone App for the Rules of Golf is a natural extension to better serve golfers across the U.S. and Mexico," said Alex Withers, managing director of digital media for the USGA. Users can also e-mail the USGA directly from the application with a Rules question. According to the USGA, it typically answers more than 15,000 Rules questions each year.

“The Rules of Golf are an integral part of the game,” said Jeff Hall, managing director of rules and competitions for the USGA. “Providing those Rules in a variety of mediums is exciting for the USGA and better serves all golfers.”

The USGA said it plans to extend the application onto the BlackBerry and Google Android operating systems later this month.

The direct link for users with iTunes, an iPhone or iPod touch is


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