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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Paceyourputt® mat is the new putting training aid (concept patent pending) that rolls out in your living room and provides a number of different putting drills for abilities from beginner to professional.

With the Paceyourputt mat you get immediate feedback on alignment, direction, roll, pace and above all, distance control. Indeed, the mat comprises many visual aids and more specifically ideal backswing lengths for 3-foot, 6-foot and 10-foot putts: as the golfer knows how far the putter should extend during the backswing, he can focus on pace as he should always reproduce the same backswing at the same pace to make the same distance over and over again.

As there is no real hole, but instead the design of one, feedback on optimum distance traveled by the ball will be immediate as the recommended distance past the hole by putting gurus (15 inches +/- 2inches) is also displayed.

Another advantage of the Paceyourputt® mat is that you can putt from both ends of the mat. Going towards the hole provides you with the backswing lengths and alignment lines, while when putting away from the hole, you are faced with six target zones, that decrease in size to develop feel and touch.

When the golfer is back in real conditions, he will know what to do from the key distances in putting as the rolling speed of Paceyourputt® is 10 (which is the average rolling speed of greens) but he will also be ready to adjust his putting game to make it more aggressive or conservative if needed.

The size of the mat is 13' x 2'and it comes with a bag and a training book that will walk you through the different steps to help you putt like professionals.

Easy to use, easy to carry (less than 7lbs), it is a "must-have" putting mat !

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Golf News, Source, Golf Business Wire,The Putting Arc a devise used to improve your swing path and alignment was used this week end by the PGA Tour's Funai Classic at Disney World, the Champions Tour's SBC Classic, and the JLPGA Masters GC Ladies in Japan. Also 10 of the top 13 at the Funai Classic and 4 of the top 6 at the SBC are known Putting Arc users.

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Golf News, Source, Golf Business Wire,  — Just last May, the re-energized Haas announced his endorsement of the the FLUSH HIT DRIVER; the training club that improves driving accuracy. The FLUSH HIT DRIVER was created to help golfers get the perfect delivery position every time they swing. The FLUSH HIT DRIVER is a regulation size driver giving the player immediate feed back where the ball is struck on the face of the club. When hit on the sweet spot, the FLUSH HIT DRIVER captures the ball in the center of the clubface. The club offers immediate feedback helping players of all ability to hit the ball square at impact thereby reducing sidespin caused by off center hits.

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