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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Club Caddy - Review    **

The Club Caddy won Fore Inventors Only, contest on the Golf Channel.

The Club Caddy is a plastic, spring-loaded clip that, when attached to a golf club just above the hosel, forms a tripod. The product was two main benefits in my view, ONE - helping forgetful golfers in remembering where their clubs are next to the green before driving to the next hole - but also serves to prevents the grip from getting wet or dirty.

Imagine you're playing golf, the course is wet, you ball is next to the green but not on the putting surface. You reach the green, and park your golf cart on the cart path.  Now you grab your Club Caddy, your putter, and your sand wedge.

You clip the Club Caddy to your putter, set it beside you, and play your shot. After hopefully hitting the green with your chip shot, you move the Club Caddy over to your wedge, set it down, and putt out. When you're done, you walk past your wedge, pick it up, and move along. Your grips will have stayed dry, you won't have to bend down to pick up your clubs. The odds that you'll forget your sand wedge in the greenside rough are dramatically reduced.

Once the Club Caddy is clipped on a club, it forms a fairly secure base that doesn't require much effort to use- you can just set the club down while walking and move on. It's easier to balance the Club Caddy on flat terrain or up the slope of a hill (rather than down the slope), but I never had difficulty finding a spot where the Club Caddy easily balanced. You can even rest a second club against the first, though that requires a little more effort. .

The Club Caddy, made of high-strength plastic, withstood even me running over it by mistake with my golf cart.

Club Caddy


This product  ideal for cart riders who must often carry a few clubs to their ball. I did not found the the Club Caddy as useful while using it with my pull cart.

With a retail price of $14.99+$5.99 S/H, the Club Caddy is being sold both online , and at various retailers.

The price seem fair me,  by helping me not forget clubs next to the green, and also having dry grips while playing on a wet course..


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