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Wednesday, March 16, 2016



FootJoy say VersaLuxe can be worn on the course, in the clubhouse and even in the pub or restaurant
FootJoy VersaLuxe
FootJoy VersaLuxe
Market-leaders FootJoy have introduced a new versatile and luxurious spikeless golf shoe.
VersaLuxe - with no prizes for guessing where the name comes from - is a shoe that FootJoy say will able able to be worn seamlessly on and off the golf course.
I wouldn’t say this is the first FootJoy shoe that can easily been worn off the course as the DryJoy and Contour Casuals regularly find their way on to my feet for a day in the office.
But with VersaLuxe we’ve got an added level of class, style and smartness which comes from the premium calfskin leather.
Another bonus is the fact VersaLuxe are waterproof, with a 12 month guarantee, making them a shoe for all seasons.
FootJoy also say that the VersaLuxe shoe is designed to offer outstanding comfort. 
A genuine cork covered, ultra-comfortable fit-bed offers an improved fit, while premium leather linings and a suede inner-heel no-slip pocket provide comfort and feel. 
“VersaLuxe has been designed as a premium golf shoe that can be worn just as effectively on and off the course,” said Richard Fryer, sales and marketing director. 
“It’s got the luxury soft feel of premium leather, but importantly it’s waterproof, making it a high performance product, and is available in 23 different size and width options.
“As we’ve seen with other models like DryJoys Casual, spikeless shoes have proven to be a significant growth area in recent years, however we’ve made a point of not sacrificing performance in these models,” added Fryer. 
“We see VersaLuxe as the perfect model for those who want to wear the same shoe on the course, in the clubhouse and even in the pub or restaurant at night time.”

Sunday, October 11, 2015


FootJoy, the #1 Shoe in Golf, introduces a progressive new golf shoe for women, called emPOWER™. Designed with bold athletic styling, emPOWER provides a comfortable, eye-catching, lightweight spikeless footwear option that performs.

EmPOWER’s distinctive look begins with a BreathEasy™ sports mesh upper. The color-splashed upper delivers premium breathability, keeping the foot cool throughout the day, while still providing 2-year waterproof protection.

From a performance perspective, MaxGrip™ traction pods are integrated into the outsole and provide the additional traction to make confident swings throughout the round.

As with all women’s shoes in the FJ line, emPower was created specifically to deliver comfortable performance. Developed on the women’s Power Last, emPower offers a rounded, athletic toe character, generous fit across the forefoot with a slightly narrow heel. A new, soft underfoot foam provides EveryStep™ comfort and a massaging footbed ensures comfort throughout the round.

“When we speak with female players during our market research visits, the two most important shoe attributes they request are, almost unanimously, ‘comfort and style,’ said Mike Foley, Director or Footwear Marketing. “The emPOWER shoe was made to address those two attributes head on by combining aggressive, contemporary styling with innovative underfoot comfort features.”


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Thursday, January 15, 2015




The launch of the FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe marks the start of a brand new franchise for the brand

The FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe – a brand new franchise for FJ – has been introduced.

According to FootJoy, the HyperFlex is the ?‘most progressive shoe it ?has ever made’ – and arguably its most distinctive, too.

Characterised by its striking appearance, the HyperFlex is an entirely unique addition and aimed at the athletic golfer who wants the latest technology on their feet.

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“HyperFlex is undoubtedly ?the most progressive shoe ?we have ever made, representing a radical departure from the classic designs fans may be familiar with,” Doug Robinson, FootJoy vice president of ?design and development, ?told GM.

“Every area of this shoe has been carefully considered, and it has been created with the inclusion of next-generation technology at its core, creating an incredibly flexible and lightweight, yet stable, platform from which to swing.

“Our designers have carried out research in civil engineering and construction to create the distinguishing aesthetics of HyperFlex which are also fundamental to its performance.”

The most visible addition – the FlexGrid exoskeleton upper – is a soft and comfortable material that helps the shoe retain its shape, while also incorporating a membrane that is waterproof-guaranteed for two years.

The inspiration behind the FlexGrid – a material never before used in golf shoes – came from an unlikely source: the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston.

The bridge’s cables create a grid structure that provides strength and support while giving off a sleek and lightweight appearance, much like the FlexGrid.



FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe


As well as that, the inclusion of FineTunedFoam 2.0 provides the exceptionally comfortable midsole cushioning FootJoy fans will know from its D.N.A. golf shoe.

Visible at the rear of the HyperFlex golf shoe, the Optimised Performance Stabiliser provides support towards the heel so you can swing powerfully from a solid base.

In addition, Tornado Cleats by SoftSpikes have been specifically engineered to provide flexible-yet-durable underfoot traction.

The HyperFlex FitBed adds yet more cushioning, while placement of silicone ink on the insole helps keep the foot secure to stop uncomfortable slipping and rubbing when you walk.

FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe essentials:

Available: March 2015

RRP: £135, or £150 with FJ’s BOA lacing system

Colour schemes: Six to choose from, including Navy/Lime, White/Light and Charcoal/Orange.



FootJoy HyperFlex




FootJoy HyperFlex





Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fashion meets function and performance in new line of street style golf shoes, available April 15
FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (March 18, 2014) -- FootJoy, the #1 Shoe in Golf,
announced today the debut of FJ City, a new shoe collection offering men a
stylish and functional option on the golf course. FJ City is inspired by
popular street styles and features trendy designs made of high-quality,
full-grain waterproof leather uppers and a durable, cleated outsole. The
line offers six styles and a variety of eye-catching two-tone color
options. Five of the styles are also available with a spikeless outsole
through the FJ Professional line for wear on and off the course.

"The new FJ City line gives fashion-conscious players seeking the latest
in footwear trends an alternative shoe option that not only delivers the
performance features to play well, but stylish designs to look their best
on the course and in the clubhouse," said Doug Robinson, Vice President of
Design and Development Worldwide at FootJoy. "FJ City was inspired by
modern trends and is a sophisticated balance between performance and style.
Each design element, material and color combination was carefully selected
in order to deliver a polished, well-crafted shoe."


• Full Grain Leather Uppers provide a soft, supple feel and tailored
fashion appeal.
• Fashion Forward Designs enhance a player's style without sacrificing
performance and function.
• Color Pop EVA Cushioned Midsole offers two-tone color accents in a
variety of pairings for a sleek and eye-catching appearance.
• DuraMax™ Rubber Outsole delivers comfortable and flexible feel while
offering stability and traction underfoot.
• Two-Year Waterproof Warranty
• MSRP: $180

Plain Toe Blucher: white/blue, tan/burgundy, grey/orange
Shield Tip: taupe/yellow, black/mocha, off white/black

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Friday, December 13, 2013

FootJoy introduced a new performance spikless golf shoe on Dec. 11 – the DryJoys Casual. Part of the DryJoy family footwear line, the Casual shoe features a soft, waterproof leather and lightweight TPU traction element for traction on and off the course.

A new polymer outsole material called Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) was developed for the DryJoys Casual. FootJoy says FTF is 10% lighter that EVA Foams enhancing cushioning and shock absorption for added comfort. The Casual has two distinct layers of FTF.

It also has TPU skeletal traction stripes in the outsole for traction and lateral stability during the golf swing. According to FootJoy, it delivers maximum comfort and creates the most performance-driven spikeless midsole/outsole component ever from the company.

“The result is a category of shoes that are luxuriously soft and comfortable but perform like nimble, high-end athletic footwear,” said Mike Foley, Director of Product Management, FJ Footwear. “It was this combination of comfort and performance that attracted Hunter Mahan, who was the first player to wear DryJoys Casual shoes on Tour, unveiling an early prototype at the Open Championship.”

• • •

Availability: White and Black, Dec. 15; Dark Brown, Feb. 1

Four additional colors will be introduced in the spring

Price: $180

 The DryJoys Casual is art of the DryJoy family footwear line. The Casual shoes feature a soft, waterproof leather and lightweight TPU traction element for traction on and off the course.

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