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Monday, October 19, 2009

Pro Line Sports Introduces The New IGOTCHA® UltimateXL Golf Ball Retriever
Sanford, FL - Pro Line Sports, manufacturers of the original IGOTCHA® golf ball retriever, The #1 Selling Golf Ball Retrievers in Golf, has created the "Granddaddy of all Golf Ball Retrievers". The new IGOTCHA® UltimateXL golf ball retriever is longer and stronger than any other golf ball retriever on the market, but is still compact enough to easily hide away in your golf bag.

The IGOTCHA® Ultimate XL collapses to only 20 inches, yet it can extend to an amazing 18 ft. reach with your arm! Its stainless steel shaft is durable, compact and weighs only 20 oz. Until now, only full size bulky aluminum retrievers were anywhere near that long. Only Pro Line Sports technology could make this happen. It is remarkably solid and resistant to bending. This must-have item will pay for itself over and over as you easily retrieve your expensive golf balls from water, bushes, rocks, mud or sand.

"This new retriever sits right at the physical limits for compact retrievers," said Jim Light, President of Pro Line Sports. "Our retailers asked for it, and we weren't sure we could pull it off...but sure enough we did! Every golfer out there hates to see his or her ball sitting in a pond or out of bounds, just out of their reach. The undeniable urge to get it back is in every golfer. Golfers want the reach, but carrying a full-size retriever in their bag, depending on the crowd they're playing with, can sometimes be a little embarrassing. Many golfers won't carry a golf ball retriever for that reason. With the new IGOTCHA® UltimateXL ball retriever, you can carry one that extends out to 18 ft. but folds down and easily fits in the side pocket of your golf bag. You'll never have to leave your golf ball behind in that pond again. It's a great investment...and a great way to save money that you'd normally have to spend to replace those lost golf balls you couldn't retrieve!"

The IGOTCHA® UltimateXL Golf Ball Retriever can also be imprinted with your custom logo, making it the perfect gift for your corporate giveaways or golf outing!

For more information on Pro Line Sports, Inc. and the family of IGOTCHA® products visit their website at


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