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Friday, October 5, 2007

Golf Review, by , A. Garza There is no doubting that the one area of the game that causes everyday golfers the most amount of stress is putting. Many golf careers have ended suddenly after yet another three putt and there are few sports that can offer the frustration to match putting.


Around 50% of all our shots are putts and the putter is by far the most used club in your bag. If you look at any professional tournament, it is almost always the player that putts the best that wins and not usually the one who can drive it consistently over 300 yards.

However, putter technology like all golf technology is advancing to help us all. New types of putter are re-inventing many golfers games and helping them lead a stress free golfing life.

Like most golfers, your can´t start shaving strokes off your game until you become a better putter. But first, you need to get comfortable with your putter.

Putting has always been my biggest problem and for years I was very streaky with my putting. However after trying the new GEL Ruby putter I found it makes putting practice more fun. The ball comes off the putter perfectly, no skidding. I just wished I had tried this great putter before.

The weighting on the Ruby putter is nice. Unlike most blade putters out there, you can have a putting stroke that's straight-back-and-straight-through instead of inside-to-out, because of the weighting. Is very easy to keep the clubface square and it is very solid on impact.

GEL's Ruby putters use horizontal grooves that are CNC-milled onto an aluminum face insert. The company says that provides the benefits of grooved-face technology but with a softer feel.

According to Groove Equipment Limited, a putter with a grooved face will produce a truer roll because the ball will skid less coming off the face - it will start rolling more quickly resulting, in fewer putts getting offline; if a ball isn't skipping or hopping as it comes off the clubface. I Agree 100% with their statement. I play at Torrey Pines , where the greens are not always perfect. I was able to get the ball rolling on it´s intended line almost every time...

The Ruby also has a buttery soft feel. For a putter it's very responsive, the ball comes off the face straighter and with more forward roll, which makes it easier to control distance. However, you will know if you hit the center of the face or just off it.

Do yourself a favor and grab one. You'll soon start shaving strokes out of your game and you wont be sorry ...


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