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Friday, August 26, 2011

Bridgestone Golf has forged a name for itself in the golf ball category and now it’s turning its attention to the club side of the business. The company has added the J40 Forged Dual Pocket Cavity and J40 Forged Cavity Back to its product roster, which will be available at golf specialty stores and green grass retailers nationwide in October 2011.

“The J40 irons deliver on everything iron enthusiasts have anticipated from our new launch and continue what has been loved about our product from the J33 series onward,” said Corey Consuegra, Golf Club Marketing Manager, Bridgestone Golf, Inc.

The J40 Forged Dual Pocket Cavity builds on the weight management system introduced by its predecessor, Bridgestone said. It was designed for the serious player in mind that places an emphasis on a soft feel but prefers a more traditional topline look. For players who want a bit more help with squaring the clubface at impact, the J40 Forged Dual Pocket Cavity fill the bill, according to Bridgestone. The Dual Pocket Cavity irons also feature a midsize head to promote a mid-to-high launch ball flight. Bridgestone said it revamped the dual pocket cavity to provide increased Tour Stability by moving more discretionary weight to the perimeter, creating even higher MOI than the previous version. The leading edge was improved on the J40 Forged Dual Pocket Cavity to provide edge relief to help prevent digging in softer conditions.

For trivia buffs, Brandt Snedeker is the first player to put a set of J40 Cavity Backs in play as he decided to go with the irons this week at the Barclays. According to Bridgestone, the J40 Forged Cavity Backs offer the ultimate balance between form and function. The irons were created with a clean traditional design that is tailor made for players who prefer a no-frills look and thin topline at address. The CB’s have a compact head with higher face progression for a mid-height launch conditions, the company said. It also features a unique v-cut cavity design that places more mass higher on the clubface for a higher center of gravity, resulting in a more controllable, penetrating ball-flight, Bridgestone pointed out. It has a tapered sole-design for more versatility in shot making, according to the company, allowing players to ‘work the ball’ and more easily control trajectory. Like its sibling the J40 Forged Dual Pocket Cavity, the J40 Forged Cavity Backs also features an enhanced trailing edge relief for better performance from a variety of lies, especially out of the rough.

J38 Cavity Back Irons


“With the J40s, we now offer even better performance and cleaner aesthetics. The J40 series truly reaffirms that Bridgestone is THE brand of choice for premium iron enthusiasts,” said Consuegra.

Tour-proven Project X flighted shafts is standard in both sets of the J40 irons and both are configured in a set of 5-pw and feature a street price of $699 (MSRP $799). An additional 3-iron and 4-iron will be available upon request ($115 per club).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Proprietary Mantle Layer Material Benefits Kuchar in Career Year on PGA TOUR
Covington, GA - Bridgestone Golf, the #1 ball-fitter in golf, is set to unveil the latest versions of its popular B330 series of Tour performance golf balls, featuring a proprietary new material used in the dual mantle construction. Scheduled to hit retailers' shelves later this Fall, the 2011 version of the TOUR B330 and TOUR B330-S golf balls will offer high swing speed players more distance off the tee and the same great spin and feel that better golfers have become accustomed to with Bridgestone.

TOUR B330 and TOUR B330-S
The 2011 versions of the Bridgestone Golf TOUR B330 and B330-S get a power boost as a result of Bridgestone's new RD10 resin mantle layers. Bridgestone engineers created RD10 by subdividing the constituent of high repulsion, which increased the material density and resulted in higher initial velocity and an overall softening of the mantle layers.

The new RD10 material is currently in play on the PGA TOUR in the presence of Ryder Cup rookie Matt Kuchar. Kuchar is the first player on the Bridgestone Tour team to benefit from the new RD10 mantle layer material, currently using a TOUR prototype version of the new B330-S that has helped improve his driving distance while maintaining tremendous spin and feel on the greens. In addition, the new DUAL MANTLE design scientifically engineered to promote quicker restoration at impact, results in faster rebound and reduced spin at tour-level swing speeds. By further reducing the spin off of the longer clubs in the bag (driver, fairway metals, hybrids and long irons), the 2011 B330 series provides better wind piercing performance than ever before. In addition, Bridgestone's modified Gradational Hardness Layering, from the center of the core to the outer mantle allows for the smoothest and most efficient power transition of any Tour ball, ever. This means booming distance and superior accuracy off of longer clubs.

"With the new B330 family of balls we're letting better players know that it's OK to be long," said Dan Murphy, Vice President of Marketing - Bridgestone Golf, Inc. "We've heard our high-swing speed customers loud and clear, and the overwhelming majority still want one thing in their golf balls, more distance. According to a recent consumer survey we conducted, golfers are very pleased with our balls' spin performance around the greens. The thing every golfer wanted was more length. With all the industry spin on the new grooves out there right now, we think it is important that someone let golfers know what is really going to improve their scores - better length and accuracy. Neither of which comes from creating more spin."

Like their predecessors, the new B330 and B330-S will feature a SOFT Urethane 330-dimple design seamless cover for the ultimate in piercing consistent flight, and tour-level spin and control on the greens. However, for 2011, the Tour B330-S dimple pattern will be redesigned to compensate for its softer cover and compression, and slightly higher driver spin that comes as a result. Bridgestone engineers have created a new shallower 330-dimple pattern with modified dimple spacing designed to reduce up-shoot spin, creating a flatter trajectory and wind performance consistent with that of the B330. In addition, the new dimple pattern fosters a shallower landing angle on tee-shots for more fairway roll.

Optimized for players with swing speeds greater than 105 mph, the 2011 TOUR B330 and TOUR B330-S golf balls feature a street price of $42.99 per dozen (suggested retail price of $56 per dozen) and will be available November 1st at golf specialty stores and green grass retailers nationwide.

For more information on the entire Bridgestone Golf ball line and how to determine which ball is right for your game, visit

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bridgestone Delivers Improved Trajectory With The New e-Series Distance Performance Balls
New e-Series Balls Reflect Consumers' Demands for Different Solutions for Different Players
COVINGTON, GA - Today's golfing consumers have become more aware that their golf ball choice can greatly impact their performance. Selecting a ball based on what a Tour player uses or simply because of lowest price is becoming a thing of the past for serious players. Whether a reflection of social and traditional media, reader education efforts or the rise of ball-fittings, today's golf ball buyers care more, ask more and know more about their golf balls than ever before. Ask Bridgestone Golf. After 40,000 ball-fittings and innumerable encounters with golfing consumers-on golf courses, at trade shows and through the web-Bridgestone Golf has collected a vast resource of data on average amateurs' golf swings and has developed a product line that maximizes their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses-that makes the game more enjoyable and, most importantly, that helps players score better!

Targeting the average amateur player, Bridgestone is bringing updates to its award winning
e-Series line focused on optimizing trajectory to improve distance and accuracy.

One group of golfers that needs help are those who struggle with hitting their shots too low and need a higher ball flight for added carry. The new e5 golf ball uses its unique 2-piece urethane cover construction to help golfers who have a desire to add more height to their shot trajectory. For the 2010 model, Bridgestone Golf has incorporated a 326 dimple pattern with shallower and larger dimples, producing a higher trajectory than its predecessor. In addition, the new e5 has a large gradational compression core and soft TOUR caliber urethane cover. The result - longer distance off the tee with exceptional spin control on and around the greens.

The most common trajectory flaw throughout the spectrum of golfers Bridgestone has tested has been slices and hooks, caused by excess sidespin. The 2010 version of the e6 golf ball employs a newly enhanced Anti-Side Spin Inner Layer that kills excess spin for an even straighter and longer flight. The Anti-Side Spin Inner Layer is comprised of a brand new Bridgestone formulation that offers a combination of high resilience and low compression, like never before available. Already the most popular model of the e series due to its forgiveness on off-center hits, this latest version of the e6 will bring even greater accuracy to help players lower their scores. In addition, Bridgestone has made the softest multi-layer golf ball on the market even softer, reducing its compression by 8%. The softer feel is best appreciated on chips and pitches around the green and on putts.

For those players who need a slightly lower trajectory or perhaps already have an ideal trajectory but are seeking longer distance, the new e7 golf ball fits the bill. The new e7 also benefits from a new proprietary Bridgestone Inner Layer formulation that makes the ball 5% firmer. This new Velocity Increasing Inner Layer along with a new higher speed Gradational Compression Core combine to create a more piercing flight and better wind resistance - resulting in even deeper distance off the tee.

"In talking with retailers over the past year, it is evident that Bridgestone's message of choosing your ball based on performance rather than what a Tour player uses has really resonated with golfers," said Brandon Sowell, Marketing Manager - Golf Balls, Bridgestone Golf, Inc. "At the forefront of those efforts is Bridgestone's desire to educate golfers how to select the best ball for their game through ball-fitting. The entire e-series evolved from our learning about where players needed help in terms of ball-flight optimization. In the new e-series line we've made some significant modifications to make the balls even better at what they're designed to do. As a company, we plan to continue to invest in and improve our ball-fitting program as it has proven to be a valuable service for amateur players and also an incredible resource for new product development efforts."

The new e-series balls will be available at golf specialty stores and green grass retailers on November 1st, 2009 and will feature a street price of $26.99 per dozen (MSRP - $38 per dozen).

For more information on the new e5, e6 and e7 visit

Friday, August 28, 2009

Precept Knows What Women Want - Increased Performance With Style
The New Precept LADY iQ PLUS Offers A Softer Core and Better Aerodynamics for Enhanced Performance
Covington, Ga. - The LADY iQ PLUS is the latest addition to the best-selling women's golf ball family of all time, the Precept Lady. The LADY iQ PLUS, the softest women's golf ball on the market, was developed for higher flight and more distance at slower swing speeds. The LADY iQ PLUS, which boasts an even softer core than its predecessor (Lady iQ 180), continues to utilize Bridgestone's patented Gradational Compression Technology, producing greater ball deformation at impact - resulting in increased distance with all clubs. In addition, Precept's softest core ever continues to reduce excessive sidespin for straighter, more accurate ball-flight, while the new 5% softer cover provides better greenside control than any other Precept Lady golf ball in history.

The new LADY iQ PLUS boasts Bridgestone's popular 330-dimple design cover with patented Seamless Cover TechnologyTM providing a consistently higher trajectory and more carry, than the previous iteration's 342-dimple design cover.

"Through ball-fitting, we found that female players needed a higher launch and trajectory for maximum distance - which is what our new core and dimple design achieves in the new Lady iQ PLUS," said Brandon Sowell, Precept Golf Ball - Marketing Manager, Bridgestone Golf, Inc. "In addition, using the softest core we've ever made provides added forgiveness on miss-hits, leading to increased accuracy to help lower scores."

The LADY iQ PLUS continues Precept's tradition of performance with style offering balls in Traditional White, Clear White and Bright Pink; the same signature pink color that Precept brand ambassador Paula Creamer has made so popular through her use on the LPGA TOUR.

The Lady iQ PLUS golf balls will be available at retail in September 2009.
Each ball features a suggested retail price of $30 per dozen (street price - $19.99 per dozen).
For more information on the LADY iQ PLUS and all the coordinating Precept accessories visit

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Friday, October 7, 2005

Golf Equipment News, SOURCE. Bridgestone Golf: Following up on the successful launch of the Bridgestone Tour B330 and B330-S golf balls targeted at tour professionals and better players, Bridgestone Golf announced today that they will extend their golf ball offering with the introduction of the e5 and e6 balls. The e5 and e6 balls are specifically engineered for mid-skilled players looking to maximize their distance.

The e5 golf ball is targeted at players who want higher trajectory off the tee for more distance and Tour soft feel around the green.

The e6 golf ball is targeted at players who are currently losing distance off of their tee shots as a result of a hook or slice caused by too much sidespin.

Availability: November 15th, 2005

Suggested Retail Price $38.00 , Street Price: $25.00

Fore More information visit Bridgestone Golf´s Web Site

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