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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PTS Evolution™ Golf Tees

Enviro-friendly, plastic performance golf tees engineered with a special low-resistance head design that creates less friction between the golf ball and tee, delivering enhanced aerodynamics for longer drives

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., February 17, 2010 ... PrideSports, the world's leading producer of wooden & alternative golf tees, and the #1 golf tee on Tour, today further enhanced the Company's leadership in the alternative tee market with the debut of PTS Evolution™ golf tees. The newest member of PrideSports' Professional Tee System™ (PTS) family, the PTS Evolution™ is an environmentally-friendly, plastic performance golf tee engineered with a special low-resistance head design that creates less friction between the golf ball and tee, delivering enhanced aerodynamics for longer drives.

The launch of PTS Evolution™ comes on the heels of PrideSports' 2009 introduction of PTS Offset™, the most advanced alternative golf tee allowed by the USGA and the first to feature an offset angle to increase ball visibility and contact with the club at its maximum speed and optimum trajectory, resulting in longer drives.

"PTS has become the standard in wooden golf tees, and players from the PGA TOUR, as well as amateur golfers, utilize this system to match their tee lengths with the club head sizes," said John Hohman, Vice President of Marketing, PrideSports. "With PTS Evolution and PTS Offset, we now have the two most innovative, high performance alternative tees in golf, and we have further enhanced the leadership position of the PTS family."

PrideSports' Professional Tee System™ (PTS) was created based on golfer demand, at both the professional and amateur levels, for a system to identify the golf tee lengths that worked best for today's diverse oversize and hybrid golf club models. A proprietary, color-coding system that makes it easy to identify each of the four tee sizes, PTS offers four distinct tee models: ProLength, ProLength-PLUS, ProLength-MAX and Shortee.

Available in the PTS ProLength (2¾") and ProLength Plus (3¼") models, the PTS Evolution™ tees are made of recycled/re-ground plastic, and are designed to last longer while providing less waste. They are also among a select group of eco-friendly golf tees that are sold in both plain unprinted bulk quantities, as well as with custom-imprinting options. The new tees will be available in spring 2010, and will be sold at retailers around the country.

Suggested Retail Price for the PTS Evolution™ tees will be $7.99.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Philadelphia, PA. - January 22, 2010-"4 Yards More" Golf Tee ranks #1 in distance in Golf Test USA's 2009 Comprehensive Test and is the official tee sponsor of the Indoor Demo Days at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida January 28-30. Try the tee that adds at least "4 Yards More" to your drives, samples will be available at the Equipment Test Center (ETC) Range and Green Keepers' Booth #2335.

"4 Yards More" Golf Tee is scientifically proven in both "Robotic" and "Field" tests to outdistance wooden tees. The results from both tests were averaged to create the name "4 Yards More" Golf Tee, a reusable, polymer tee that consistently increases driving distance an average of at least four additional yards.

"That's why I put "4 Yards More" Golf Tees on the counter in my pro shop at Harbor Pines. People love them. I moved a 24-count display in two weeks. They're a great low-cost impulse item," says Bonnie Gurwicz, Owner of Harbor Pines Golf Club in New Jersey.

The tee is being successfully used professionally on the PGA, Champions, LPGA and Nationwide Tours.

The technologically-advanced tee is designed with a rigid polymer stake and dynamic elastomer crown. The body and individual fingers of the crown flex with the force of the drive to reduce resistance at impact. The ball launches off the tee with less friction and low ball spin resulting in longer, straighter drives and superior overall performance compared with wooden tees.

"4 Yards More" Golf Tee's height gauge gives golfers consistent tee depth, providing the perfect launch angle. This allows golfers to focus on a consistent swing, helping them gain distance and accuracy.

Golfers also love the "4 Yards More" durability. The dual-material construction allows for over 100 drives. Club Pros and course superintendents are thrilled that people retrieve these tees, keeping golf courses free of discarded disposable tees.

"4 Yards More" Golf Tees are available in four color-coded sizes for easy identification. The red 1 ¾ inch "Short Tees" are perfect for Par 3s and driving with irons. The "Standard Tee" 2 ¾ inches come in yellow and is the ideal choice for most drivers and driving woods. The 3 ¼ inch "Driver Tee" is blue and provides the proper launch angle for maximum distance with large head drivers. The longest tee allowed by the USGA and R&A is the green, 4 inch "Extreme".

"4 Yards More" Golf Tees have a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $5.99 for a four count package and are available at major retailers.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Zero Friction 'Lock N Drive' Changing The Way Golfers Practice
May 22, 2009 (Oak Brook Terrace, IL) Excel Golf Products, Inc., maker of Zero Friction Performance Tees, has revolutionized the way that golfers practice and play with their 'Lock N Drive 'Adjustable Height Tees.

The incredibly successful line of Zero Friction expanded this year with the 'Lock N Drive' which was created for the golfer that wants a consistent tee height no matter what club you're hitting. With six settings along the shaft of the tee, 'Lock N Drive' can be adjusted with a stopper that fits into evenly spaced notches. The stopper can also be removed and doubles as a Zero Friction logo ball marker. Complete with Zero Friction's patented 3- prong design, 'Lock N Drive' delivers accuracy in tee height and at impact.

One of the biggest benefits surrounding the 'Lock N Drive' Tee is that it can be teed up on the practice range and hit over and over without breakage. Made from biocomposite materials, the tees are extremely durable unlike normal wood tees. The stopper along the shaft of the tee allows you to place it directly back in the ground after a hit with certainty that it is at your ideal height.

'Lock N Drive' is available in sizes of 2 ¾ (24 tees per pack) and 3 ¼ (18 tees per pack).
The Zero Friction Performance Golf Tee has a unique three-pronged design that significantly reduces the contact area between the ball and tee at impact. The tees have also accounted for over 50 professional victories and more than 250 top-ten finishes. Zero Friction staff players include Kenny Perry, Ryan Palmer, Mark Wilson, Dean Wilson, Vicki Hurst, and Bubba Dickerson.

For more information on Excel Golf Products, Inc. and Zero Friction Tees please visit

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Find Out if a Tee can improve you Golf Game...

SOURCE: , By Jennifer Gardner


The Rocket Tee

Some manufacturers are betting so. And while alternative tees have been around for a while, they've been viewed as a novelty more than a true game improvement tool. These tees may not result in a dramatic difference, but they can be an inexpensive way to make subtle improvements to your game.

The Rocket Tee ( promises more penetrating drives that have more carry and roll for increased yardage. The tip of the tee is firm but the polymer body is flexible, and the rim that the ball sits on is much thinner than traditional tees for less friction when hit. Inventor Tony DeSmit, an Ohio native, spent about a year developing the tee before introducing it to the market in 2005, and it's taken a couple of years to pick up interest.

The length of the tee -- complete with a colored band that shows you exactly how high to tee it up - promotes a higher ball flight and lower spin rate. In theory, this also means less side-spin and fewer slices or hooks.

One area where the tees have a noticeable advantage over wood tees is in their durability. Rocket Tees are supposed to last as long as 100 wood tees but have some flexibility, so they don't fly forward from the tee.

Rocket Tees can be purchased in red or blue varieties, differentiated by the colored band and how far that band is above the ground. The red tee puts the ball 1.75 inches high while the blue puts it 1.5 inches high. Experiment with a trial pack with two of each for $4.85 or see the web site for information on which tee goes best with the most popular drivers on the market.



Another alternative tee you may have seen is Brush-T, which has a plastic base with bristles that support the ball.

The Brush-T, created by Jason Crouse, accomplishes many of the same goals by being durable, showing you exactly how high to tee the ball and improving distance and accuracy by reducing the deflection of energy to the tee. The company's studies show that distance will increase by 3.2 to 7 yards.

Another great benefit to the Brush-T: It stays put. You can put one in the ground and hit several balls without having to re-situate it each time. Golfers with more consistent swings will probably get the most out of the Brush-T, as wilder chops at the ball can break the tees after a while.

Brush-Ts are available in four sizes. Blue is for fairway woods; black is for drivers; orange is for oversize drivers and yellow is for huge drivers. The yellow also has another row of bristles for added stability.

Rip Tips

A three-pack of Brush-Ts costs about $6 for the standard version and $8 for the extra-long, yellow version. Sample packs with one of each are about $10. If you prefer white to the bright colors, they are available at

Rip Tips employ the same basic idea as the Brush-T, but it is just the bristled head part of the tee and will attach to any regular wood tee. Unlike the Brush-T, Rip Tips use just three groups of bristles to further reduce surface contact with the ball. In order to stay below the USGA maximum of a 4-inch tee, the manufacturer suggests you use a 3-3/8 inch tee or less to compensate for the added height of the tip.

The benefit to Rip Tips is that you can position the tee at any height you want. So if you don't like the Brush-T's set height, this might work for you. However, removing the tip from a broken tee and installing it on a new tee may be simple but it's still a hassle.

Launcher Tees

Order 15 Rip Tips for $17.95. See more at

The Launcher Tee is somewhat more traditional, but is made of a composite plastic with a platform that's a third smaller than a regular wooden tee. This reduced ball nest area reduces friction on the ball when hit and results in a bit more distance.

In robot tests conducted at Golf Laboratories, the Launcher Tee produced a higher trajectory, increased flight time and about 4 additional yards of carry and 3.75 additional yards of roll as compared to a wooden tee. Spin was an average of 362 RPMs less with the Launcher Tee, too.

A package with four Launcher Tees costs $7.40, plus $1 shipping at the company's website.

Ti-Tees are designed for titanium drivers, and have two parts connected with a stainless steel recessed pin. When the ball is hit, the top of the tee pivots forward and releases so there is no friction and less spin.

The manufacturers claim that even a pronged or bristled tee is stationary even though it produces less friction. With the entire tee pivoting away as you hit, there should be even less friction and less spin imparted from the tee.

A pack of two runs about $8.

My Lucky Tees

How about the ProSpring tee? It's a plastic tee that is spring-loaded, so it provides little resistance when you hit and comes back together immediately so you don't have to reconnect two pieces.

The distributor, My Lucky Tee ( has other spring-loaded tees that work on similar principles, plus a MagTee that is held together by a magnet. When you hit, the tee separates into two pieces and the magnet brings them back together.

These specialty tees cost $4-$5 each and last about 18 rounds.


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Wednesday, January 3, 2007





PLEASE ENJOY TASTY GOLF TEES BEFORE THEY ARE PUT IN THE GROUND. ONCE YOU HAVE INSERTED A TASTY GOLF TEE IN THE GROUND, DO NOT PUT BACK IN YOUR MOUTH. Warning: Some golf courses may apply toxic pesticides and fertilizers which may cause cancer, neurological impairment, reduced immune system function and other health problems if ingested. Do not chew, swallow or eat.


Golf News, Source, Golf Tees™, LLC, To Exhibit their World Famous Flavored Golf Tees at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show Connecticut - Tasty Golf Tees, LLC The Flavored Golf Tee company announced today their participation and plans to exhibit and take order for their world famous flavored golf tees at the international golf industry's premier marketplace, the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show, January 25-27, 2007, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

After making a putt, while walking to the next hole, many players take a fresh tee out of their bag...and put it in their mouth. What if that tee had some flavor?

Tasty Golf Tees are made from all natural uncoated wood, then sanitized and flavored for long-lasting taste. Imagine a golf tee that tasted like mint, cherry, grape, or strawberry? In the future, millions of golfers will be adding some flavor to their game. Tasty Golf Tees are available for sale at

As company co-founder, John Packes says, "(our Mega-Mint flavored tee) will knock out the foulest of cigar or beer breath in 5 seconds."

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