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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Deep face extreme
Palm Desert, CA - Coming March 15, PowerBilt will debut the latest rendition of its popular Air Force One driver, the Air Force One DFX.

DFX stands for Deep Face Extreme. Once the golfer stands over this driver, They will see the difference. The clubface is now 5 mm deeper than the previous version, which catches the ball at impact slightly longer and combines with the nitrogen inside the clubhead to create reduced spin and more distance.

"We reduced the nitrogen pressure to 80 pounds, for better impact feel," says Ross Kvinge, President of PowerBilt. "This new amount of nitrogen generates a tremendous trampoline effect for increased ball speed. In fact, now the trampoline effect is up to the USGA maximum limit. Shot dispersion tightest ever in our drivers. And by adding 6 grams low and forward in the clubhead, we moved the CG lower and more forward than in any other Air Force One driver. We did this to appease our clubfitters who requested a better smash factor. I can confidently say that this is the most solid driver we have ever produced."

PowerBilt's patented Nitrogen N7 "Nitrogen Charged" technology makes its debut in the Air Force One DFX driver, as well; it's a newly patented method to reinforce the clubface without adding any weight. That means every golfer can benefit from maximum C.O.R., maximum C.T., maximum trampoline effect, and maximum smash factor for incredible distance.

The Air Force One DFX features a forged titanium body with titanium cup face technology, as well as aerodynamic clubhead shaping. It's available in both the high MOI and Tour Series, in lofts of 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12.5°. Standard shaft length is 45 ½". The club is offered in several leading shaft models from the top OEM shaft brands, so that golfers will achieve the optimum launch angle and spin rate for their unique swing. MSRP starts at $299.99, and there is an upcharge for ultra premium shaft options.

Golf media have already taken notice of the Air Force One DFX driver. MyGolfSpy tested it, and reported: Surprise, surprise, surprise (I'm not actually surprised), here's the PowerBilt Air Force One rounds out our top 5. The numbers were excellent among our lower swing speed players, and we think we probably could have done better at the higher swing speeds too. You won't find many companies who offer a better selection of stock shafts, and you won't find many heads that perform better either. Joke all you want about the Nitrogen, this one is legit."

Golfers can pre-order the Air Force One DFX driver before March 15,  or visiting

Friday, February 24, 2012

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - The biggest debate surrounding the belly putter is whether it offers an unfair advantage. If it does, why not use it? For many golfers, the reluctance is price. Belly putters aren't cheap.

"At PowerBilt, we're all about helping golfers enjoy the game by improving their skills with quality equipment at affordable prices," says PowerBilt President Ross Kvinge. "That's why we're offering several belly and long putters at less than $100 - substantially less."

Because of the recent success of long putters on the PGA Tour, the interest in them by recreational golfers has surged. "This is the year the average golfer wants to give the belly putter a whirl," says Kvinge. "And we're proving that you can get the right putter, at the right length, at the right price to see if it's right for you."

PowerBilt's new ONE PUTT belly putters come in two styles - blade and mallet - featuring an optimally weighted 415-gram head made of stainless steel. Shaft lengths are available in 40", 41", 42" and 43" and have a 21" one-piece compound grip. In addition, PowerBilt is offering the ONE PUTT model with shafts uncut, which allows pro shops and retailers to custom-fit golfers to their exact specifications.

"Getting the shaft length right is a key in getting the most out of a belly putter," says Kvinge, "which is why we're offering numerous lengths, plus the option to custom fit utilizing our exclusive telescoping system." PowerBilt has developed a unique, patent-pending belly putter fitting system that uses a telescoping shaft. This allows for a perfect fit for shaft lengths ranging from 38" to 50."

While the starting price on most high-end belly putters is more than $100, the new PowerBilt ONE PUTT retails for $89.99. "You won't find better quality at a better price, especially coming from a great brand like PowerBilt," says Kvinge.

PowerBilt also makes the EX200MA-300, which is a mallet-style putter that comes as a standard-length putter, a belly putter and a broomstick long putter. The standard-length model is available in 33", 34" and 35" lengths. The belly version comes in 40", 41", 42" and 43" lengths. And the broomstick model is 48" and 50".

In addition to being a great performing putter, the EX200/MA-330 is a great value, with the standard length model selling for $59.99 while the belly and broomstick models sell for $79.99.

"The best way to shave strokes off your game is to improve your putting," states Kvinge. "At PoweBilt, we're giving all golfers the opportunity to try various techniques to see what works best for their game. And we're doing it with the best in technology at a price that doesn't break the bank."

Plus One Sports, Inc., is the U.S. licensee of the PowerBilt brand. PowerBilt is a division of the Hillerich & Bradsby Co., a family-owned company which has been making golf clubs since 1916. Based in Louisville, Ky., H&B is also the maker of world-famous Louisville Slugger bats and Bionic gloves.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - The thinnest face in golf is now available to all golfers. PowerBilt, which uses nitrogen gas inside the clubhead, is introducing the Air Force One - Air Foil 2, the next generation of Air Force One drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

All Air Foil 2 drivers feature a 2.6 millimeter forged titanium face. That compares to 3.2 mm on most high-performance drivers on the market, giving PowerBilt a face that is approximately 20% thinner than other leading brands.

"When you combine the thin face with our unique nitrogen technology, you get maximum distance, maximum 'smash factor,' an incredibly large sweetspot - and all within USGA standards," says PowerBilt President Ross Kvinge.

Nitrogen-Charged Technology is a process that uses nitrogen gas to support the face of the driver. The inside of the clubhead is coated with leak-proof resin, then charged with 85 psi of nitrogen gas. The pressure inside the head provides support, which allows for an ultra-thin face with no internal bracing.

Why is a thin face so important? When the clubhead strikes the ball, the face flexes. More flex means more energy is transferred to the ball, resulting in greater distance. At the same time, the USGA (golf's governing body) limits the performance of conforming drivers.

"All good manufacturers know how to build a driver that will exceed USGA standards," Says Kvinge. "The tough part is keeping performance at maximum limits by enlarging the sweetspot so that golfers experience maximum distance and optimal spin rates when they hit the ball on various parts of the face. That's what we're doing."

There's another benefit of Nitrogen-Charged Technology - it helps golfers of all swing speeds enjoy the benefits of compressing the face at impact. The USGA tests drivers with a 110 mph swing speed. "The vast majority of golfers swing anywhere from 80-100 mph, which means the thin face offered by PowerBilt helps most golfers enjoy more trampoline effect," adds Kvinge.

So, how does the new Air Foil 2 differ from its predecessor? As already mentioned, the face is 2.6 mm on all drivers. Previously, there were 2.8 and 2.6 mm models. The pressure has been reduced to 85 psi. Less pressure means more flex across the face. The valve (which allows the clubhead to be filled with nitrogen) has been moved to the sole, creating a lower center of gravity. A new aerodynamic head shape helps increase clubhead speed. The new shape has a rounded toe giving the club a more open appearance at address. Plus, improved sound and graphics give the club a richer feel and look.

The Air Foil 2 driver comes in two models - Tour and high-MOI. The Tour is for golfers who like to work the ball and comes with a Fujikura Motore F-3 shaft. The high MOI version helps reduce side spin, resulting in straighter drives. The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is $299.99 for the Tour model and $249.99 for the high MOI.

All the improvements to the Air Foil 2 driver are incorporated into the fairway woods, which are available in 15- and 19-degree lofts. The ultra-thin face is only 1.6 mm with the clubhead filled with 80 psi of nitrogen gas. The high MOI head is made of 17-4 stainless steel and has a Fujikura stock shaft. The MAP is $149.99. The hybrid clubs have the same features and construction and are available in 20-, 23-, 26- and 29-degree lofts. Fujikura is the stock shaft. The MAP is $119.99.

"PowerBilt has something no other club-maker can offer - and that's Nitrogen-Charged Technology," states Kvinge. "We're winning customers from the megabrands because they've tried it and they've seen that nitrogen is a game changer. While we don't have the marketing muscle of the publicly owned brands, we're proving that innovation can go hand-in-hand with a traditional brand like PowerBilt."

Plus One Sports, Inc., is the U.S. licensee of the PowerBilt brand. PowerBilt is a division of the Hillerich & Bradsby Co., a family-owned company which has been making golf clubs since 1916. Based in Louisville, Ky., H&B is also the maker of world-famous Louisville Slugger bats and Bionic gloves.

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