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Friday, February 3, 2012


1-13-12 (Oakbrook Terrace, IL) - In an age when golf tees continue to become more of a commodity than ever, Zero Friction™ set out to test its superiority compared to other tees in the marketplace. Most tees not made from the conventional wood or bamboo products consider themselves to be performance tees. When Zero Friction™ hit the marketplace in 2005, we did just the same; the difference being that Zero Friction™ wanted to prove its supremacy.

Six years ago, Zero Friction™ had the original ZFTour (3-prong) tee tested at Golf Laboratories, Inc., located in San Diego, CA, under perfect conditions, using a mechanical arm. The test came back with staggering results favoring Zero Friction™ compared to the other tees (50% less dispersion compared to a conventional wood tee). Since 2005, many more "performance" golf tees have entered the marketplace and once again, Zero Friction™ wanted to demonstrate the advanced design of the product lines. In this second round of testing, Zero Friction™ choose to use a non-mechanical method, using actual golfers because golf isn't played by a mechanical arm, thus ZF retained GolfTest USA based in Green Valley, Arizona to perform the testing.

GolfTest USA came up with a methodical testing method using five different golf tees, two being the Zero Friction ZFXtreme (4-prong) and the Zero Friction ZFTour (3-prong). To perform the test, 25 golfers were acquired (10 ranging in the 0-10 handicap and 15 ranging in the 11-20 handicap). These 25 golfers hit each tee a total of 10 times in two rounds of five shots. In each round the tees were placed in front of the golfer in a different order to ensure no unfair advantage to any one tee. Each shot was recorded using the FlightScope Prime launch monitor to record carry distance, total distance, lateral dispersion and smash factor. In addition to the tees rotating in front of the golfer, to ensure consistency, Golf Test USA had each golfer use identical drivers that were then fitted with the proper flex and loft.

The results compiled below show once again the superiority of the Zero Friction Performance Tees in both the 3-prong and 4-prong versions. The fact is that although tees are the rarely thought about item in a golfers bag, one thing is known for sure, they are 100% necessary for every golfer hitting the course and when they do, why wouldn't they choose the proven

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



January 16, 2012 (Oakbrook Terrace, IL) - Zero Friction™ has enhanced their line of high performance golf tees with the newest addition of the ZFVictory™, the 5-prong Zero Friction performance tee. Made of a bio-composite material, the ZFVictory™ offers increased stability in ball placement with the performance benefits of the Zero Friction™ tees. The ZFVictory™ is ideal for golf courses, especially ones that may be hesitant on switching to a high performance tee because it has the feel of a traditional golf tee, but the look of performance with a specially designed contoured cup.

In a carefully created plan, Zero Friction™ has crafted a unique golf tee line that is ideal for all skill levels. The original 3-prong Zero Friction, known as the ZFTour™ is designed for professionals who are looking for increased distance in their drives with a skillfully designed performance tee that offers the least ball to tee surface coverage. The key to the ZFTour™ is to aim one tee at the target, allowing for 50% of the ball to be exposed directly to the club face.

The 4-prong ZFXtreme™ is designed for professional golfers and amateurs alike who are looking for the sleek high performance feel that Zero Friction™ offers with the increased performance in their game. The ZFXtreme™ rates the highest among independent testing in carry distance, total distance and least in dispersion when compared to other known golf tees in the industry.

Next in line, the ZFVictory™, the 5-prong version, was developed for the average golfer who is hesitant on switching from a standard cup tee, but is willing to try a something a little different. The ZFVictory™ offers increased stability when placed on the tee, while offering a performance cup.

Finally, the ZFe-Tee™ is the most traditional among the Zero Friction line. Created with a standard cup, the ZFe-Tee™ offers the bio-composite Zero Friction tee, which allows for less tee breakage on the golf course, as with all Zero Friction tees, and more time concentrating on your game.

Zero Friction™ has also created traditional tee lines with the ZF FATTEE and the ZF Advantage Tee systems that allow for traditional bamboo tees to work with you in your golf game and not against you.

Zero Friction™ is proud to be the No. 1 performance tee on the PGA TOUR™ with more TOUR™ players picking up Zero Friction tees each week compared to any other products on the marketplace, and with so many products to offer, why wouldn't you as well?

Zero Friction™ has created not only another new golf tee, but a new look to the premium performance golf tee line, continuing to stay ahead in an industry where the golf tee is often lost in thought.

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