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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New models feature new face innovation with combination of C-Grooves and TPU insert

PLANO, Texas - January 24, 2012 - The 2012 Yes! lineup will debut a new, contrasting TPU65D insert which is placed in a precision milled slot behind the face. This insert provides improved feel, but also creates True Square Alignment as well. Yes! putters are well known for their patented C-Groove Technology, which allows the ball to begin pure roll up to 21.5% sooner for more consistent putts. The concentric shaped grooves also improve the performance of off-center hits increasing accuracy up to 40%.

Bella-Fit Fitting System
"The golf industry has put a real focus on proper fitting in recent years, the putter however has often been left out of this equation," said Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Adams Golf. "A great majority of golfers are getting fit for their woods and irons, but buy their putter off of the rack. This is a huge detriment to their game. The new Bella-Fit Fitting System fills this void and revolutionizes the putter fitting process."

Using a single Bella putter head, this system can fit for face-balanced, moderate toe hang or pronounced toe hang putter styles. It also uses an adjustable hosel to fit for lie angle. And finally, it features three telescoping shafts to fit for length of standard putters (26"-37"), mid/belly putters (36"-47") or long putters (46"-52"). Once all of the settings have been locked into position, the golfer can then hit practice putts to ensure proper fitting, an important distinction relative to most if not all other fitting putters..

Entire Line to be Featured at 2012 PGA Show
Yes! Golf announced that the highly anticipated 2012 lineup of putters featuring C-Groove Technology, which won a Gold Medal in the 2012 Golf Digest Hot List, will be launched at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL (Booth #3716). This will be the first launch of putters for Yes! Golf since it was acquired by Adams Golf a year ago. This year's lineup will feature standard length, belly/mid, and long putters many of which will be available in multiple finishes including satin, white pvd and black pvd. Also being showcased in Orlando will be the Yes! Bella-Fit Fitting System.

"We are thrilled to showcase our first lineup of Yes! putters at the PGA Show," said Tim Reed, Vice President of Research and Development of Adams Golf. "The C-Groove Technology provides incredible benefits to golfers of all skill levels. We believe the enhancements made to the 2012 line provide improved performance and style that all golfers seek."

Models, Pricing and Availability
The 2012 Yes! putters will be available in stores April 1st, 2012. The standard length putters will have a suggested retail price of $199.99, and will be available in 34", 35" and custom lengths. The belly/mid length putters (43" standard, custom lengths available) and long putters (50" standard, custom lengths available) will have a suggested retail price of $249.99. The white and black pvd finishes will be available in some models for a $10 upcharge.

Available Models and pricing:
Stand Length Blade Putters:
Callie-12 Satin - $199.99
Callie-12 White - $209.99
Callie-12 Women's - $199.99
Callie MB - $349.99
Bella-12 Satin - $199.99
Bella-12 White - $209.99
Jenny-12 Satin - $199.99
Sophia-12 Satin - $199.99
Mallet Putters:
Sandy-12 Satin - $199.99
Sandy-12 White - $209.99
Sandy-12 Women's - $199.99
Sara-12 Satin - $199.99
Eleanor-12 Black - $209.99
Belly/Mid Length Putters:
Pippi-12 Satin - $249.99
Sandy-12 Mid Satin - $249.99
Sandy-12 Mid White - $259.99
Sara-12 Mid Satin - $249.99
Long Length Putters:
Sara-12 Long Satin - $249.99
Sally-12 Long Milled - $349.99

Yes! Golf, a member of the Adams Golf family, designs and manufactures premium putters featuring the patented C-Groove Technology. The development of innovative products to allow golfers of all skill levels to enjoy the game of golf is the cornerstone of Yes! Golf.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

YES! Golf Introduces Three New Models For 2010

New C-Groove putters feature multi-material design to maximize MOI
DENVER, February 8, 2010 -YES! Golf introduced three new putters to its line of popular C-Groove putters for 2010. The two new blade putters, Mollie and Morgan, feature multi-material head construction for high MOI. The Donna II features the same hybrid head as the Donna, but is now offered with a plumber neck hosel.

The Mollie is a toe-down flanged-blade that features several technologies working simultaneously to provide more roll and consistency. The back of the putter is fitted with a section of ultra-heavy tungsten, which significantly increases the MOI of the putter when combined with the ultra-light C-Groove face of the aeronautical-grade 6061 aluminum. The body is made of 303 stainless steel and the entire club is CNC milled to perfection. The light "soft" face and a heavy back make this putter extremely forgiving. Mollie has a head weight of 355 grams, loft of 2.5 degrees and lie of 72 degrees standard with a classic goose-neck hosel. Mollie is available in right hand only for a suggested retail of $360 (U.S.)

The multi-material toe-down blade Morgan is fashioned after what could be considered the most classic shape ever in putter design history. This blade-style putter is made in the same way that Mollie is, generating a high MOI. The ultra-light C-Groove face is made of aeronautical-grade 6061 aluminum and the back is ultra-heavy tungsten, making it as forgiving as any club can be for its size and shape. The body is made of 303 stainless steel and the entire club is CNC milled. Morgan has a head weight of 355 grams, loft of 2.5 degrees and lie of 72 degrees standard with a classic goose-neck hosel. Morgan is available in right hand only for a suggested retail of $360 (U.S.)

"The Morgan and Mollie are classic blade putter shapes with a head that combines a tungsten back with a stainless steel body and an aluminum face," said Dave Richardson, director of sales, YES! Golf. "The synergy of the light, aluminum face and extremely heavy back perimeter maximizes the moment of inertia, stabilizing the face at impact, resulting in more control and consistency. We initially tested the putters on tour and received very positive reviews from the players and both putters were given the silver award on the Golf Digest Hot List. We feel we have two winners."

Donna II:
Donna II is also a multi-material design that features the same construction as the original Donna putter. The Donna II is a toe-down "hybrid mallet" with a plumber's connection that is incredibly easy to use. The face and hosel section are made of 6061 aluminum and the back of the putter is made of 303 stainless steel and the entire club is CNC milled. The heel and toe weighting of the Donna II maximizes MOI. Donna II has a head weight of 355 grams, loft of 2.5 degrees and lie of 72 degrees standard. It is available in right hand only for a suggested retail of $300 (U.S.)

The Morgan, Mollie and Donna II will be available April 1, 2010.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

YES! Golf Introduces Six New Models For 2008
Two Mallets, Two Blades, A Hybrid and A Sight Alignment System

DENVER, February 4, 2008 - YES! Golf has rolled out six new C-Groove models for 2008. The models include two new blades, Nicky and Gina; two mallets, Sandy and Athena; a new 2-piece hybrid called Donna; and a putter with a high MOI and a totally-new patented alignment system called GrooveTube™.

"We are very excited about our new 2008 C-Groove putter line," YES! Golf's CEO Francis Ricci said. "Over the past several months our R&D team has worked very hard testing new putter head materials, design concepts and shaft options. The six new putters range from traditional to radically different looks. We have been testing these models with tour players and consumers and have received very positive feedback. Our line of C-Groove putters is very deep now and can accommodate most golfers based on personal preference.

New 2008 Models:


Nicky - A putter where tradition meets technology. This classic blade is a pronounced toe down putter with a fully-chromed head made from 304 stainless steel and a head weight of 350 grams. The putter has a heel-shafted hosel farrell and two scoring lines on the top rail for aid in alignment. The suggested retail is $190 (U.S.) and will be available in right and left hand.

Gina - This blade is a toe down weighted putter with a slightly offset hosel over the shaft design. Gina is made of chromed-plated 304 stainless steel and a head weight of 355 grams. A single line in the cavity serves as an alignment aid. The putter is available in right and left hand for a suggested retail of $190 (U.S.).


Sandy - A face-balanced, double-bend shaft features a high MOI with most of the mass distributed behind the face for stability at impact. The putter is constructed of chrome-plated 304 stainless steel and has a head weight of 355 grams. A ball width single sight line is found in the cavity for ease in alignment. The putter has a suggested retail of $190 (U.S.) and comes in right and left hand models.

Athena – Named after the Goddess of the War, this putter outperforms competitors on the greens. Athena has the highest MOI in the entire YES! C-Groove putter line. Its hollow head allows for extreme back weighting. The putter is comprised of 431 stainless steel with carbon plating and has a head weight of 350 grams. The back cavity features a ball width design for an alignment aid. Available in right and left hand, the Athena has a suggested retail of $190.


Donna - This hybrid putter is composed of two different materials. The face is made of aviation-grade aluminum and the body is made of 304 stainless steel with a head weight of 350 grams. The combination of a light face and heavy back generates a high MOI. The design of the putter is a combination of a mallet and cavity-back blade design. The heel toe balance makes it a very forgiving putter. The full offset shaft features a double bend and the cavity of the putter head has a single alignment line. The putter is available in right and left hand for a suggested retail of $300.

Sight Alignment System

GrooveTube™ – This putter has a radical new design that combines form and function. The putter incorporates 3D visual alignment technology to guarantee perfect address and setup over every putt. By looking through the alignment window and using the centering line at the bottom of the tube, the golfer will see one seamless three-dimensional alignment line that indicates the sightline is correctly positioned over the putter. The GrooveTube's deep weight distribution and near equator COG work together to reduce twisting on off center hits and create more immediate roll off the YES! C-Grooves. The putter is available in right and left hand for a suggested retail of $300.

YES! putters are currently used by more than 200 tour professionals worldwide and had 28 worldwide tour wins in 2007, including wins on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and European Tours. The C-Grooves on the YES! putters are specifically engineered to enhance and maximize the over- rolling motion of the ball. The C-Groove putters roll the ball sooner and truer resulting in more control, accuracy and consistency. There are currently 26 models of YES C-Groove putters available.

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